Silver Lining Aviation is a nationwide provider of flight instruction, maintenance and support,
for the REVO Weight Shift Trike manufactured by
Evolution Trikes.


With the implementation of the new Light Sport Aircraft rule in the United States
in September 2004, an entire new category of aircraft became available. Given
their relatively low acquisition cost ($20,000 to $130,000) and low operating cost
(less than $40/hour), Light Sport Aircraft became a great alternative for the recreational
pilot. Each aircraft can be easily flown and typically FAA Certified training can be
completed in as little as two weeks by flying a few hours in the morning and evening
and using FAA approved prepware for ground study.


Every aircraft sold by Silver Lining Aviation has 24x7x365 support and offers most
replacement parts within 24 hours. Repair service is provided by FAA Certified
Mechanics. Included in the maintenance program are annual checkups and inspections
exceeding FAA and manufacture specifications.


Silver Lining Aviation Certified Flight Instructors will train the pilot in the aircraft purchased specific to the weather, terrain, and airport they will fly from nationwide.  The instructor will be based at
your local airport in one of our custom designed "Aircraft Carriers" for two weeks until the pilot is ready to pass the requirements in place by the FAA.  Training is offered between the hours of
7:00am to 11:00am and from 5:00pm to 10:00pm 7 days per week.
Silver Lining Aviation
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